School of Legal Studies

School of Legal Studies

Dr. Sushila Tiwari HOD Ph.D. (LAW) Exp. 11 Year

Law and order are significant sections of the good governance. The School of Legal Studies, under Gyanveer University based in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh is known among the best law institutes in India. Gyanveer University is an esteemed educational organization expanding quickly with time. There are programmers that are prepared to provide the students with the best quality of education. Multiple aspects of the field are covered and the aspiring lawyers are prepared for the successful professional career. Training in the form of documentation; theory as well as practice is taken care of, in the college.
The campus is based in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh and is spread over a large area. The faculty is well-versed and have acquired expertise in the said field. Many curricular and extra-curricular activities take place in the campus which allow the students to build up their confidence and get ready to practice law.

There are several reasons why the School of Legal Studies is an ideal school for the aspiring lawyers and judges. A few reasons are listed as follows:

  • Academic Excellence: School of Legal Studies understands and values the importance of Quality Education in shaping the future of our Nation and therefore is determined to create an environment where the academic excellence flourishes to its fullest.
  • Global and Quality Education: School of Legal Studies is determined to spread quality education throughout the world and hence facilitates students from all over the world.
  • Integrity & Ethics: No society or Nation can progress without integrity of character and high moral ethics. School of Legal Studies therefore pays utmost attention in instilling these two core-values in its students and staff.
  • Social Responsibility: A University should be a reflection of the society where it is situated. School of Legal Studies understands and acknowledges its social responsibility and therefore endeavors to take measures that can benefit society as a whole.
  • Environmental Responsibility: To create a cleaner and safer environment for all remains as one of the most important aspects of the core philosophy of the School of Legal Studies.
  • Functional Transparency: In order to maximize the involvement and participation of its staff and students in the School of Legal Studies goals and achieving mission. School of Legal Studies, GYANVEER UNIVERSITY, Madhya Pradesh follows a policy of functional transparency in its operations.
  • Gender Equality: Gender bias remains as one of the gross root problems that has time and again hampered India’s progress. School of Legal Studies, GYANVEER UNIVERSITY, Madhya Pradesh is therefore determined to give its due contribution in eliminating Gender bias from India.
  • Diversity: Keeping consistent with the diverse cultural background of India, the University facilitates quality education to all sectors of the society. Inter-disciplinary approach: Most of the world changing discoveries happens at the inter-phases where two disciplines meet. School of Legal Studies, GYANVEER UNIVERSITY, Madhya Pradesh therefore promotes and patronizes interdisciplinary approach as a core value. Offered Course Duration Eligibility Apply Now
1 L.L.B. (Professional) 3 Years Graduation (any subject GEN-45%, OBC-42%, SC,ST-40%) Apply Now
2 B.A.L.L.B (Honr.) 5 Years 12th Passed (any stream)GEN-45%,OBC-42%, SC,ST-40%) Apply Now
2 LLM 2 Years B.A.L.L.B./B.B.A.L.L.B./B.Sc.L.L.B./ B.Com. L.L.B. / L.L.B. (any subject GEN/OBC-55%, ST/SC-50%) Apply Now

Our innovative LAW program will give you the skills needed to solve global challenges in an international corporate environment, while working at top law firms, major corporations and organizations worldwide. Our approach to legal education through a comparative methodology makes this program truly unique. Study of law provides a professional qualification in the field of law. A person who has obtained a degree in law has wide prospects of career viz.

  • Advocate– From lower court to the Apex court.
  • Legal Advisor– In private & corporations.
  • Legal Assistants– A cadre in the government to deal with legal cases against the government.
  • Public Prosecutor– A cadre to plead criminal cases in the various courts on behalf of the government.
  • Judicial Services– Through competition (H.J.S. ; D.J.S. ; R.J.S. etc) for all states. Law may be opted as an optional paper in competitive exams- like ( UPSC) IAS , IPs , IFS , RAS , HCS , PCS etc.

Legal education gives immense value to the law graduates for various fields

Career Path

  • Legal practice or advice
  • In-house Counsel
  • Government sector
  • Judicial Services
  • Non-government sector
  • Private sector
  • Finance and Business Sector