VC Message

The Gyanveer University is going to be established on the outskirt of Sagar town at Mara Imaliya with a vision to think in a bigger way. The University has more than sufficient land area with good connectivity thereby providing a free and congenial environment for the students. The university has made it a mission to bring out the young talented student of this backward region in the limelight with the modern and professional programs, going to be started very soon. These programs will not only bring a change in their status but the main focus will be on the overall development of their personalities to face the modern world.
In the academics, the research and Innovation are the main backbone of any higher education institute. To achieve this goal the working together is the basic concept which not only bring the name but also the fame to the institution and its well being. The Sagar city is known for military base as well as forensic Science laboratory at national level. Along with the general courses and professional programs the university will focus on the programs related to advance learning and employability.
The national education policy 2020 is going to be implemented since its beginning in the university which has a mission on the ability enchantment along with skill development. This lead towards the employability and growth of the region. To meet the international standard the university will try to have MoU's with such institute abroad and the students will be benefited and bring loral to the university and the sagar.

Prof. R.K. Trivedi
Gyanveer University, Sagar